Go On A Summer Camp And You Have Taken Your First Trip Seeing The World

It does not have to be a summer camp, but of course, it is ideal. In most parts of the world, from China to the US, the weather is good and it’s great to be outdoors. Those of you who have the adventurous spirit would not mind being out on a fine chilly morning in the middle of winter or autumn. And of course, no one will complain if their next esl summer camp has been scheduled for early spring.

To talk of the weather – a rather nice icebreaker, if ever there was one – what better way to learn about other cultures and customs. It may be warm and sunny on your end, but here you get to learn how the other folks in much colder climates get to go from one day to the next as if it was nothing to them at all. And they have had centuries of practice, passed from one generation to the next, anyhow.

Perhaps though, summer is the ideal time to go on a learning camp. Everyone is so chirpy and brimming with enthusiasm for the next cultural learning excursion. People are in good moods most of the time. It becomes easier to shed inhibitions and start opening up to one another. This would have to be particularly acute in due consideration of the fact that everyone is so different from each other, not yet sure what to make of the other.

esl summer camp

It goes without saying that by the time you visit a new country whether for professional reasons or during your gap year you will be rubbing shoulders with so much that is different from what you are accustomed to. But then again, is this much not already true of your own home environment.